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"Finding the right CEO is never easy. Working with Art Pawelczyk and Kinzie Search Partners to source top tier talent for relocation to a growing, Asia-based business in an evolving, global industry was a productive experience. Art and Kinzie Search Partners worked expeditiously and thoroughly to introduce several attractive candidates who were thoughtfully screened. Having senior, attentive focus made all the difference."

- Board Member, $100 Million Multinational Corporation

"We have used Kinzie Search Partners for more than 15 executive searches over the past 10 years and will continue to use them in the future. They take the time to understand the real needs of the position and the type of person who will be successful. Kinzie Search Partners has consistently delivered well-qualified candidates suitable for the position and takes the time to thoroughly pre-screen these candidates. We strongly recommend Kinzie Search Partners and look forward to working with them in the future."

- Managing Director, Middle Market Private Equity Firm

"When hiring C-level talent you must have a search partner that understands your business and fosters very open and straight forward communication with you throughout the entire process. Kinzie Search Partners, and specifically Art Pawelczyk, is very good at fostering such communication. The best comment I can make regarding Kinzie Search Partners and Art is that I keep coming back to them for high-level searches due to the results they produce. Their work speaks for itself and each search gets better due to continued growth in their understanding of our business. When hiring C-level talent, you do not have the time to make mistakes. With Kinzie's approach and Art's professionalism, you greatly increase your accuracy in these hires."

- President & CEO, $70 Million Industrial Manufacturing Company

"Kinzie Search Partners' professional process of understanding our business and then thoroughly reviewing candidates that meet our needs coupled with their vast network around the country made them right for the job. They built a very strong relationship with me, personally, that allowed us both to cut through the circle talk and have clear and frank discussions on candidates. This always leads to a more effective hiring process focused on the best candidates for the position."

- President & CEO, Privately-Held Manufacturer of Building Products

"Art Pawelczyk is personable, genuine, and sincere. He is very thorough in discovering everything he needs to know in order to professionally represent me and my company in the marketplace. I have full confidence in his firm's abilities and he has my highest endorsement."

- President, $200 Million Consumer Products Company

"We struggled for nearly 12 months working with other search firms in an effort to fill a key role within our senior management team. Kinzie Search Partners was able to quickly identify top-notch candidates within our geographical area, in Michigan, which fit our specific search criteria. Within a short period of time, we were able to fill the role with a highly qualified executive. Kinzie Search Partners adds value throughout the entire search process. Art Pawelczyk is professional, timely, responsive and thorough."

- Chief Operating Officer, $30 Million Automotive Aftermarket Company